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The main purpose of this forum is to help members share their knowledge, expertise, personal experience and stories about their dog’s health. The idea of creating Dog Health Forums stems from the need for creating a place to reunite and discuss about anything dog health related. Whether your dog was diagnosed with a health condition you never heard about before or you are looking for a place to share thoughts or obtain support about a certain disease with other dog owners, this is the right place. Obviously, this is not the place to ask questions when your dog is seriously ill. If so, please don’t waste your time on a forum, but rather, rush your dog to the vet!

Please take your time to read the forum rules if you are a first-time user and always be courteous and polite. Also, please stay on topic as much as possible. Because dog owners are often upset about their dog’s health there is zero tolerance for rants, spam, hate speech and insults. Our forum is divided in several categories so try your best to post under the most appropriate category. If your dog’s condition does not fall under any category we have a section for this. Properly categorizing your questions will help people find them so they can answer in the best of their knowledge.

While we do not currently have a veterinarian on board, some of our forum members have worked in animal hospitals or have owned dogs for years and have extensive knowledge about health disorders in dogs. You can read some of our users' credentials in their signatures. We recommend occasionally checking out our affiliate dog health store there may be products you may be interested in to make your dog’s life easier!

If you are qualified as an expert in the field of dog health, please identify yourself by posting your credentials in your signature. An example would be, Jennifer Stein LTV or Mark Bartilon DVM. If you do not have extensive expertise, it helps to back up facts with a link to a supporting website coming from a reputable source such a veterinarian or dog health organizations. We will not accept links to personal blogs unless they belong to a vet or somebody who works or has worked in the veterinary field. Our moderators verify this on a daily basis. Please follow these rules or we will disable the link. Copying and pasting from websites is prohibited, unless you give credit such as “According to Dr. Rose McGarton Great Danes are susceptible to a condition known as bloat”. A link back to the website is appreciated, so forum members can verify the information and learn more by visiting the original website.

Thank you for visiting Dog Health Forums, we hope you find this a great and supportive community!