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Hey guys!

Thank you for adding me! 

I always were a dog fan but never find the perfect place to talk about it! 

I have an Australian shepherd for those who know this breed. I took him from a shelter when he was 3 years  and then when I moved to the US he came with us. Now he is 11 years old. Smile

His name is Luie (my husband is a surfer and this is the nickname of his favorite professional surfer... LOL)  

Here you can see him with our cat lola (she past away 6 months ago...) 
and I think he really misses her... 

Have a great one. 

[Image: rXlp0op.png]
Nice to meet you! What lovely dog you have there. So sorry for the loss of your kitty. they all are family. My dogs too were very attached to a cat we had and they too looked all over for her when she passed. I owned once an Aussie, her name was Electra, so smart and always kept me busy and in good shape. I called her that way because her energy was always flowing, never a dull moment, reminded me of electric current energizing my day! Anyhow, welcome to the forum!
Thank you very much Jennifer!!!

Electra - such beautiful name!