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09-24-2016, 11:22 PM,
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Hi everyone,
Thanks for your advice! Shortly after I posted this thread I found that Bella was bleeding significantly from her vulva. I rushed her to the emergency animal hospital. They did a urinalysis and she has a uti so they gave her a shot of anti inflammatory for some pain relief and then started her on antibiotics. Jennifer, I had her checked out last week because I suspected an anal gland infection and she had her anal sacs expressed and they ruled out the infection. And Daisy, yes she is spayed. I think she is ok now, just wanted to give an update. Thanks again for your help.

Good to hear, thank you so kindly for providing an update. I am glad it got sorted out! Here's to best wishes that your dog recovers quickly. UTI's are a pain, but luckily they are easy to treat. Generally a urinalysis after the antibiotic may be helpful just to make sure that it's all clear.

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