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Dog passed away after being spayed
09-10-2017, 10:55 PM,
Dog passed away after being spayed
85 lbs terrier 
3 yrs old very healthy
Dropped off in morning
Spayed apx 11am
after the surgery my wife called 330 pm to see if we could  pick up our dog and the doctor told her that she would like to keep her overnight because she had excessive scar tissue resulting from a very large litter in about six months ago that made the surgery difficult
Vet Called at 845 pm that night said she had bloody diarrhea and passing something odd which they never seen before
Wife called her back and asked if something might have gotten perforated vet said no
After a unanswered call by us the doctor called back at 1115 next day said girl was vomiting blood
1140 phone call from doctor and our girl was dead after going through seizures
I was there by 12:15
At 1240 I sat in on autopsy and upon starting rigor had set in legs where stiff and locked

The sample of the stool verified as mushroom from scrap dinner a couple days prior was liver like
Soon after incision blood started pouring out
After cutting through abdominal wall blood gushed out pouring overflowing table rushing on floor puddling floor splashing on the walls so much blood I'd say 3/4+ gallon of blood
She slowly died from internal bleeding
It was very upsetting and disturbing scene most pet owners could not endure
The autopsy continued with conclusions cause of death internal bleeding and find the cause
I would not be able to recognize something that was not obvious and nothing was found I asked after 20-25 minutes to put her back together because I had seen enough and wanted to leave. 

 Obviously very disappointed with the outcome and it's a very sad situation probably for everybody we know and liked the veterinarian very much previously although because we brought in a very healthy dog and  now she has pass we're very concerned. I understand things happen but I am still concerned. 

 Please advise anything you can about the situation from the information I've given both medically and as far as the responsibility of the vet.

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