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Bump on side of my tea cup yorkie??
02-18-2015, 04:17 PM,
Bump on side of my tea cup yorkie??
My yorkie is about 15 months old and a few months back he got a bump on his side about a little bit bigger then a quarter and it almost looked like an abrasion. After a while the bump started going away but the abrasion looking mark was still there and he was starting to lose hair in that area. Now the bump is pretty much gone, still can feel a tiny one here but the hair in quaRtwr sized area is completely gone and it still looks like an abrasion or like a scan without the rising up off the skin. I'm just wondering if anybody can tell me what this is or could be? As I am very worried about my little boy.[php]

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02-19-2015, 01:07 AM,
RE: Bump on side of my tea cup yorkie??
Is your yorkie scratching at it or chewing it or rubbing it somewhere"? That may explain the abrasion-like texture. Circular lesions as such can be ringworm, a local infection caused by something embedded the skin or perhaps a hot spot or superficial abrasion. Can be a variety of things really and your vet can tell mostly by taking a skin scraping sample. I find it odd that it hasn't gone away though in all this time, which can make it likely to be something fungal, but with ringworm usually you would see more lesions, but it'snot unheard of seeing solitary lesions.

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