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Red circle on belly with some green in it
04-09-2015, 10:15 PM,
Red circle on belly with some green in it
I just noticed that my dog has a red circle on her belly near where she was spayed about 6-8 months ago. I was wondering if this is something that will heal naturally? or if I should take her into the vet. And if I do take her into the vet what will they do? She is acting normal and it doesn't seem to bother her. Thank you in advanced.

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04-10-2015, 02:04 PM,
RE: Red circle on belly with some green in it
Skin issues can be quite tricky. This is why vets usually do a skin scrape to find out exactly what they are. They simply use a small blade to scrape the skin, this may cause a little discomfort more than pain. No anesthesia is needed. It could be something as simple as a bacterial skin infection, a fungal infection like ringworm, a reaction to an insect bite or a contact allergy. Some skin issues may resolve naturally with a bit of plain neosporin applied twice a day, but if they're reluctant to go away, it may be because they may need a different treatment plan. For instance, ringworm would require antifungal products and you must be careful not to touch the area directly as it can spread to humans. Contact allergies may not solve unless the cause is identified and may require antihistamines. Infections may require antibiotic creams and so forth.

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