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new puppy advice much needed!
04-14-2015, 07:56 PM,
new puppy advice much needed!
I recently adopted a puppy from a kill shelter, he is a mix breed and about 4 months old. I am currently trying to potty train him, but it seems like he has a pretty slow moving digestive tract in comparison to what I have experienced with other puppies. Since he was brought into the shelter with his litter mates and mother at the age of 4 months he is a little behind on his parvo boosters (he will be receiving his second one in about a week) so our vet recommended not letting him outside yet since we live in an urban area with lots of animals. We are attempting to potty train him in a designated room/on our patio but it seems like he just does not need to go. He eats three meals a day and has access to clean water regularly, we place him on the puppy pads in his spot every hour on the hour but the majority of the time he just sits down. He rarely has accidents but I worry that he is holding it in or something might be wrong, but he was healthy enough for his neuter surgery not long ago.
He is pretty timid and shy so maybe he's just adjusting to his new surroundings? Just a worried parent looking for some feedback
04-15-2015, 02:02 PM,
RE: new puppy advice much needed!
Hello, it's great you saved this little fellow's life! When you say slow digestive track, what do you mean? Is he not going as frequently as expected? Usually with pups of his age i would expect him to go pee every 3-4 hours and poop at least 3 times a day. What breed is he? How long have you had him? Larger dogs seem to do better keeping their pee compared to the tiny breeds. Make sure every time he goes potty that you praise him and reward him. It could be he was punished in the previous home he was and now is trying to "keep it" because he fears being punished. Also, make sure he's isn't going somewhere else when he's out of your sight as that's what dogs do when they have a history of being punished for going in the wrong places. A black light can help you find soiled areas like under couches and in corners that aren't visible by the naked eye. From your description he sounds healthy, at most, may be he's a bit constipated?

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