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Natural Arthritis pain relief
06-09-2015, 09:48 PM,
Natural Arthritis pain relief

I am looking for some advice on natural treatments. My 8 year old Border Collie has Athritis in lower back and hips. She has always had some stiffness but this past year it started to get pretty bad to wear even her ball play made her VERY stiff. I started her with the Laser Therapy at my vet and she has gone through 6 treatments now on maintenance and started Hyrdrotherapy (4th weekly swim last weekend). She is also on Fish Oil, Vetriflex ( the new advanced Glycoflex) and is doing much better. She has some bad days but is to the point where she is mainly stiff after laying down. She is great in the mornings but after her day of walking etc at night when she comes in from her walk and lays down she is very stiff getting up and moving for a bit until it walks out. The vet has given my Tramadol and Deramax. I did give her a half of a half of Deramax after her second swim (she was very sore) and she was like a puppy again for a week. I am just so terrified of giving her NSAIDS. Every time I look at them online I see the articles on how 1 NSAID killed their dog etc. It was wonderful to see how it helped but she is still only 8 and I want to find something to work for awhile before having to go to the Deramax. I have read tons of articles on Zeel, DLPA, Traumeel, etc. I would love to try some of these before the Deramax and am overwhelmed with the information. My vet does not get into the natural treatments so I have a hard time asking their advice on them. Has anyone on here used any of the natural treatments for inflammation and had success? If so where do you buy it and how much do you give? I see so many different versions online and do not know where to buy it safely or how to dose. Any suggestions would be so appreciate and Lucy will send her thanks as well. Thank you for your time and i look forward to hearing from you!
06-10-2015, 04:31 PM,
RE: Natural Arthritis pain relief
Hello, I am on the same boat. My dog had ACL tears and we have been trying to avoid Rimadyl, Previcox, and Deramax as much as possible. Especially, when after a week, my dog started vomiting. I have been going back and forth on different products. You are so right that it's very difficult sorting through all the products. I go by reviews. Here are some that helped my dog out. Of course, always ask your vet before adding anything because sometimes they may interfere with other meds, like Turmeric I have read shouldn't be given with NSAID.

I have learned that liquid glucosamine is far more effective than pills or powdered form, so here are a few products of liquid glucosamine:

Liquid Health K9 gluosamine
Flexicose Liquid glucosamine
ArthriMaxx Liquid Joint Supplement for Dogs

Some helpful homeopathic products. I look for products with turmeric, yucca, boswellia,

Only Natural Get up and Go
Dog Gone Pain
Oma's Pride

One of my favorite supplements at the moment is:
Bixbi Organic Pets Superfoods Joints made with mushroom extracts. It has wonderful reviews.
Where to get these products? There are many distributors. What I do is go on google shopping, put the name of the product and them shop where there are less expensive!

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