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Unsure of puppy issue
09-24-2015, 11:56 PM,
Unsure of puppy issue
I just recently adopted a puppy, a German Shepard Pekingese shih tzu poodle mix. She is almost 2 months old, and is a very playful and happy puppy. My only concern is that she is constantly licking her vulva (I am not sure how big it should be in comparison to dog size, but I do know that it is not red or has any discharge) and is also itching her belly a lot.

I have read up on symptoms of UTIs, and she does not have any discharge, or makes noises when she pees. She also does not have any issue going potty and has never just peed out of nowhere without a bit of warning. She does pee in small amounts, mostly yellow pee, and sometimes it does have an odor. She was on purina puppy food which I am slowly weening her off of and onto natures balance. Shih tzus (part of her mix) also have a sensitivity to red dye, which is in purina food. 

Any idea on what might be the issue? Thank you!
09-25-2015, 01:23 AM,
RE: Unsure of puppy issue
It could be you are dealing with a case of puppy vaginitis; basically an inflammation that occurs mostly in pups under 1 year of age and before their first heat. Some female pups can have an anatomical feature called 'deep seated vulva' that makes them more prone to this because of a fold of skin that traps bacteria. When my pup had this once, I was told to clean the area with antibacterial soap, chlorhexidane soap, diluted in water, but would recommend you see the vet to make sure your pup doesn't have something else such as a urinary tract infection.

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