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Urgent, Please help!!
04-18-2016, 04:47 PM,
Urgent, Please help!!
So yesterday me and my 14 yr old Pekegnese went for a medium length walk. When we got back she drunk some water and about 10 minutes later started hacking up white foam. I thought she was choking on something at first and performed the Hiemlich Manuever on her, white foam again.

Today unproductive coughs only. 

What could this be?
If she's having any heart problems, I'm just going to have to put her down.
04-18-2016, 09:47 PM,
RE: Urgent, Please help!!
This can be due to kennel cough if your dog has been around other dogs recently, and as you mention, it can also be due to heart problems. A prompt vet visit should help find out what you are really dealing with. If your dog has heart problems, there are medications that can help out to help remove the fluid.
04-18-2016, 09:54 PM,
RE: Urgent, Please help!!
I hope your dog's coughing is only temporary. There can be various causes for what you are seeing. In a dog of this age it could possibly be heart related, but can also be something else. Paws and fingers crossed it's something treatable. If your dog has been around other dogs recently, kennel cough is a possibility. Here are some causes of coughing in dogs, but please make a vet appointment as soon as possible if your dog has trouble breathing!
Former AAHA animal hospital employee, dog trainer and dog behavior consultant. Published dog author on several print and web publications.

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