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Seeking urgent advice DOG ATE ADVIL
06-20-2016, 05:09 PM,
Seeking urgent advice DOG ATE ADVIL
About 4 days ago my dog decided to destroy a bottle of Advil now majority of the pills were left alone as he really just wanted to chew the bottle up he did ingest a small amount tho probably 3 of them. Since then he vomited violently on my floor at this time I took him to the emergency vet clinic where his system was flushed for 8 hours with aggressive IV treatment. This morning 4 days after his incident he has almost returned to normal, he is eating well, the vomiting has ended, and he is energetic playful. All seems to be well but, my concern is that he is still urinating much more than usual it has decreased since his vet visit but he is still having issues with it I am concerned maybe that the iv didn't do the trick wondering if any one has been in a similar situation. Also would like to know if there's a chance the IV treatment would make him urinate more for a bit
06-20-2016, 06:24 PM,
RE: Seeking urgent advice DOG ATE ADVIL
Also he weighs 104 pounds
06-21-2016, 02:22 AM,
RE: Seeking urgent advice DOG ATE ADVIL
Hello, I am sorry to hear that your dog went through such an ordeal, it sounds though that your dog is starting to recover nicely. To answer your question yes, increased urination can be expected, especially after a dog receives a large amount of intravenous fluids (the fluid must go somewhere!). According to the reference below, it could last about 1-2 days. However, you mention your dog was flushed for a good 8 hours, which may possibly explain why it may be taking longer. I would give the vet a call though just to be sure. Did your vet run tests to check kidney/liver values? Is your dog peeing small amounts at a time? If so, it could be a sign of a urinary tract infection.
06-23-2016, 01:20 PM,
RE: Seeking urgent advice DOG ATE ADVIL
I don't have much to add but hope that your dog has been recovering well. I second getting kidney/liver values checked if the vet recommends them to make sure the Advil hasn't caused any consequences.

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