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Anyone have a dog with Lupus? And what medications worked?
03-07-2017, 11:51 AM,
RE: Anyone have a dog with Lupus? And what medications worked?
Atopica or cyclosporine is a drug which suppresses the immune system (T cells), and therefore useful for an autoimmune disease such as Lupus. A Vet will usually start the dose at 5 mg/kg, and after 6-8 weeks start to tapper the dose to the lowest level needed to control the disease. Including going to once every other or once every third day. It's a trial, and error process, with the cyclosporine dosage vs the disease interactions sometimes with a delayed effect. Presumably the Vet was in the process of tapering the dose when the nose started to flare up again?

If you have just withdrawn the cyclosporine, then you have released the immuno suppression, and the Lupus (DLE?) is extremely likely to flare back up, with additional sores on the feet, and other areas. Which means your dog will have to go back onto it at a higher dose to clear it up again, and get the dog back into remission.

Outside of Omega-3s (fish oil), and Vitamin E, there are no supplements or homeopathic treatments which will help with an autoimmune disease such as Lupus. The Omega-3s + Vitamin E are classified as ancillary. Neither one or together will control Lupus. But they may help a little. The Omega-3s being mild anti-inflammatory, and Vitamin E helping in the repair of skin damage. Their effect if any will take up to 2 months.

What you should consider is making an appointment, and discussing the following with your Vet:

1. Resumption of the cyclosporine treatment to re-establish a remission.

2. Attempt to withdraw the dog later from cyclosporine, and see if tetracycline (or doxycycline) plus niacinamide daily can be substituted or transitioned to as a maintenance treatment to keep the disease in remission. Although cyclosporine has low side effects especially short term, suppressing the immune system long term for years could later lead to cancer. So finding an alternative for maintenance therapy could be beneficial long term.

3. While getting the dog back into remission with cyclosporine, ask the Vet for antibiotics to clear up any infection in the sores. Presumably antibiotics have been prescribed before by the Vet for this purpose. Then ask if a 0.1% tacrolimus topical ointment would be appropriate. That has been used to clear up local lesions for DLE Lupus.

4. Ask your Vet for the recommended dosage for the Fish oil, and Vitamin E. I current give both my 70 lb cancer puppies 3000 mg of fish oil per each of their 2 meals, with no side effects. Besides they like the taste.

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