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Herniated disc, encephalitis and epilepsy
08-25-2016, 02:08 PM,
Herniated disc, encephalitis and epilepsy
Hi there,
I'll start off by giving a little bit of information about Cleatus. He is a 5 year old pug who was probably the most energetic and normal dog out there. When he was younger, he came in from outside one day completely pale and lethargic. We rushed him to the vet but by the time we got there, he was back to normal. It happened again about a year or two later and the same thing. This year though, he started having seizures almost everyday and they were getting progressively worse. We were sent to a neurologist and they did a spinal tap which revealed encephalitis but not the fatal kind. We brought him home and he was back to his old self besides being on medications (steroids and seizure). He was doing good for about 2 weeks and then he wasn't acting like himself, very tired, no energy so we brought him back to the neuro for a check up and they switched his steroids to prednisone. Once again, we brought him home and he was back to normal. We were up at our trailer one weekend and he had his dinner which was normal but he didn't want to go for a walk which he normally goes crazy for. We noticed that the muscle in his back leg was twitching and all he wanted to do was sleep. We opted to come home and in the morning, his whole body was shaking so we went back to the neuro and they said he was in pain and it was most likely a herniated disc so they kept him overnight and started him on pain meds. We picked him and while we were leaving he did a long wheeze cough which he had done before but when we brought him home, he went into respiratory distress. They did an X Ray and found his trachea was narrowing. He stayed a couple of nights at the emergency vets and we were on the verge of putting him to sleep like we were crying nonstop and under so much stress but we spent some time with him and decided to bring him home. 
This leads me to today. He is currently home and has been doing amazing. He's still on the steroids, pain meds and seizure meds. Last night though, he started licking him paws obsessively like something was stuck in them or they were hurting. We figured we'd wait until today to see what happens and he's not doing it as much but he seems very tired and has no energy. All he wants to do is sleep and have me rub his belly which he never used to do. The neuro has us decreasing his steroid amount and wants us to decrease his one pain med. my only concern or worry is that he's going backwards. Am I reading too far into this and worrying over nothing? I'm posting this here in hopes someone has maybe had a dog with this or something simlar. We just need some sort of support or knowledge on this situation because we are so lost  Sad
08-25-2016, 04:00 PM,
RE: Herniated disc, encephalitis and epilepsy
The anti-seizure meds commonly used can cause drowsiness. Drugs used for treating (collapsing?) trachea are also sedative.

Commonly NSAIDs are prescribed for herniated disk pain. Unless the dosage is causing stomach or liver problems it usually remains constant. NSAIDs are neutral per drowsiness. I'm assuming a doggy narcotic was prescribed instead. With the Vets now wanting to lower it to a smaller dose which still controls the pain. If a narcotic, then that would potentially make the dog very drowsy. Lowering it may make the dog a lot more alert. Hopefully while still controlling the pain. The Vet may also try other classes of drugs to stabilize the dog.

It sounds like you have some really good Vets, especially the neuro one. Mention the paw licking to the Vet. It could be neuropathic pain in the paws due to the herniated disk.

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