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10 week old sick pup
09-06-2016, 03:49 PM,
10 week old sick pup
RHi guys, new to the forum. 
I've come for some opinions just to try and gather as much info as I can bear with me whil I explain the symptoms and how they came about.

So I bought a boxer cross puppy from a bloke near London. It was all very dodgy and I didn't trust the bloke. However I fell in love with the pup and new that if I didn't take him home he would have just died. 
Got him home and went straight to the vets who checked him over and said all was ok. Weighing in at 2.4kg. He was extremely nervous and particularly nervous of me (a male). I just put it down to moving into a new home and I know that some dogs can naturally be scared of males. 
I was told he was on pedigree chum so decided to keep him on that and ween him into to some Arden grange puppy food. All was going well for around 2 days.

It came to the 3rd day of him being with us and he started having runny stool. Thought nothing of it. I then found out he had eaten a slug. I rang the vets who said that as he was wormed on the first vet visit he would be ok. 

Anyway to cut a long story short he got worst and worst over the next week or so. After many visit to the vets, emergency and normal visits he is still no better. Just to add he started being sick which is why I rushed him in. 

2 weeks later and he still has runny stools, sickness has passed. But sleeping all the time. Not playing whatsoever.

He's been to the vets again today as he has lost so much weight. Lowest he got down to 1.8kg. He has been given some panacur for the next 3 days and I am to update the vet daily.

A little bit on his stool. - water with mucas, 
Eating - only chicken and royal canin gastric vet food.
Urine - almost orange
Nature - sleeping apart from toilet and food time.

In total I've spent £1500 in 2 weeks. 

If anyone has anything they think it may be please let me know so I can run it past the vet.
I'm really worried we are going to loose him.


09-08-2016, 12:28 PM,
RE: 10 week old sick pup
Hello, I am sorry to hear your puppy is doing poorly and that vet was able to get this sorted out. Orange urine is concerning because it may suggest the presence of bilirubin which is indicative of liver problems. Have they done any blood tests to check liver function? 

Eating a slug shouldn't cause more than anything perhaps a bit of stomach irritation. Sometimes they are known to cause lungworms, but these are not too common in the US, more seen in the UK.  Your dog has been put on panacur so that should cover that risk. Now, slug baits are what one should worry more about.

Mucus in the stool means there's irritation going on. Diarrhea of course is concerning as he's not getting much nutrients and is losing weight. Sleeping and acting lethargic is not normal and puppies should be active and happy. Perhaps it may be helpful to see a specialist if this doesn't get sorted out as there seems to be something going on that is triggering these symptoms and is not getting addressed.
09-12-2016, 11:36 AM,
RE: 10 week old sick pup
In general signs are pointing to progressive liver failure via the orange urine, and other symptoms.

The Vets are treating it with Panacur as though the diarrhea is being caused by worms, or a protozoa overgrowth. However, diarrhea is one of the symptoms of liver disease. Presumably the "sickness" was vomiting and/or fever? If so, then yet more possible signs of liver problems. Did the Vets perform a Chem panel? If not, that's the first step.

If there is liver disease, then the next question is the base or root cause, which the Vets would have to determine.

Due to the fact puppy is still eating&alive, infectious diseases can probably be eliminated. That leaves anything from a genetic or congenital disease of the liver to metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, Cushings, or Hyperthyroid, affecting the liver. With the later 2 diseases not usually part of a standard Chem panel. Also possible is puppy consumed something poisonous or a toxin which has damaged the liver, and/or kidneys. That's a lot of diagnostic ground for the Vets to cover.

You should ask for a referral to a Vet internal medicine specialist as an emergency. It's not likely to get better with Panacur.

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