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Fenbendazole dewormer with kennel cough?
10-28-2016, 02:17 PM,
RE: Fenbendazole dewormer with kennel cough?
Thanks Jennifer! The golden finished the worm medication 2 days ago and the worms appear to be gone. But I am still curious to know if these were indeed tapeworms. They look like miniature tapeworms. Like flattened out kernels of rice or spaghetti. I attempted to attach some pics but I see there is a 500kb limit file size and my Samsung Galaxy phone apparently will not resize pictures unless they are being attached to a text message or email. I install the Samsung Photo Editor editor, but it does not resize pictures on the phone. But at least now I know how to add pictures. Thanks
10-28-2016, 02:19 PM,
RE: Fenbendazole dewormer with kennel cough?
Today is the 8th day after my dog's shared the water with the kennel cough dog. So I guess a couple more days should tell? One dog is 40 pounds and the other one is 80 pounds. I wonder if the incubation period varies depending on how large the dog is?

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