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Vet advice...
11-10-2016, 02:56 PM,
Vet advice...
Hi I'm about to travel to Colombia but have a big problem.  I have a flight in 10 days and my dog just got his updated shots yesterday (and for rabies 30 days prior is required).  With that my dog did receive shots in 2014 (which is sufficient) but I can not find the record and when I called the Vet, they're out of business.  I'm very tempted to forge a document, but need to know if the rabies tag is actually searched and confirmed by vets who create the international certificates - and if so what is confirmed???  Just the actual rabies shot info, or is the animal name/owners name part of a digital record??  My dog must travel with me and I need a solution - I wouldn't forge anything if he really wasn't vaccinated but he his.  

If anyone can advise, please help!
11-10-2016, 04:46 PM,
RE: Vet advice...
I had some sort of problem a coupe years ago when traveling to Europe. I had a certificate stating that my dogs were vaccinated for 3 year vaccine, but in the country I was heading they did not recognize the 3 year vaccine but only accepted the 1 year. They closed an eye, but said they could technically quarantine my dog for a couple of weeks. However, in your case, it sounds like you do not have the actual certificate. One thing I think you may do is ask a vet to do a titer test and let you travel with it. The titer test should show that the vaccine is still active, and might help. I am not sure what other options there are so hopefully somebody else will chime in.

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