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lick granuloma seperation anxiety
12-13-2016, 03:56 PM,
RE: lick granuloma seperation anxiety
The medical problem of licking, and causing a sore should be simple to address. What's not simple is you have a 3 yr old rescue dog, you obtained with behavior problems, you're unable to correct. A non-neutered male dog which has taken on the role of the alpha dog, dominant to you the owner. Which includes biting, and growling at its owner. It should've been neutered at 6-9 months of age before you got him, as a means to lower aggressive behavior. Tearing up a pillow he "owns" out of anxiety or no rules&boundaries, along with potentially defecating inside as a means to scent mark his territory, are other signs of the dog being dominant.

Adopting an adult dog although noble, means you have adopted a dog with potential behavior problems. In your case the problems are real. Even if you were to find a way to cure the licking problem, you still have the behavior problems which is what seems to be really stressing you out, along with the dog. You have 2 solutions: Find professional and free training help at a local pit bull rescue. And if that's not available, find a local pit bull or other rescue willing to take the dog so as to rehabilitate it. Also call your Vet, and ask s/he if they have any contacts who could help you.

Owning a dog (e.g. puppy onward) need not be a disaster if properly trained. Takes a lot of self education. But jumping into an adult dog rescue, involving a powerful breed of dog, without a lot of dog ownership experience can lead to your situation where you feel overwhelmed. Hopefully you can get help in training the dog, or placing it into a rescue for rehabilitation. The current situation isn't going to change, with both you, and the dog stressed out.
12-14-2016, 12:07 PM,
RE: lick granuloma seperation anxiety
Please don't feel bad. Owning a dog that comes with a "baggage" is very difficult, even more so if it is challenging to provide outlets for pent-up energy and needs for mental stimulation. There are alternatives to putting a dog down, as Dragondawg pointed out you can try a rescue or maybe re-homing to an experienced owner or a trainer who may be interested. There are many groups on Facebook, local places where you can ask for help. More than a dominant dog (dominance is not a personality trait), I see a dog suffering from anxiety who is frustrated and needs desperate guidance and training. There is potential that in the right hands, he can lead a much happier life and you can feel relieved from an additional burden that has negatively impacted your life. I feel your frustration. Life is hard enough. I wish you the best.

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