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Many tests, no answers. Help/advice appreciated
12-09-2016, 04:06 PM,
Many tests, no answers. Help/advice appreciated
Good afternoon everyone,

My name is Ryan, I live near Newcastle in the UK and am writing this as myself and my family are worried about our 5 year old Bichon named Mylie. I live alone however Mylie lives with my parents.

I was hoping i may get some advice on the below symptoms.  

At 6am on Sunday the 4th of December (5 days ago) she started screaming high pitched and seemed in extreme discomfort, following this she immediately went into a kind of seizure like state where she lay on the floor with mouth wide open.  My dad rang the vet and took her straight down, they said they did a physical test and she seemed ok.  They also took a urine test. so my dad brought her home.  On that afternoon she went out for a walk along the coast and was running around happy and normal.

Following this she had 3 more seizure like episodes within 24 hours, one of which where she urinated in short bursts with a small amount of time in-between.  After each episode she seemed vacant and did not want anyone close to her

Me and my dad took her back to the vets and they referred her to some kind of animal hospital.
They carried out another physical tests and received her file from the smaller local vets.  The vet mentioned the urine test showed crystals were apparent and never elaborated any further.  The vet said that she needed to be kept in over night to monitor, she was in 2 nights and the vets carried out a blood test, showing no problems and then they took a sample of spinal fluid.  

At this point i will mention that our dog is treat more as a child than a dog, she is very spoiled and is rarely left alone as she suffers from separation anxiety (I know this is our fault) 

The vet called and said she would be better off at home as she was very stressed, to the point she cut all of her nose trying to get out of the crate she was being kept in at the vets.

She was given some dog paracetamol (not the technical term ha) and some smaller pain killers to which she was to take 3 times throughout the day.  Since then she has not had any fits however has had several episodes where she barks and cry in what sounds like agony.

We finally got the results back from the spinal fluid test about an hour ago and they said they were clear so we still do not know whats wrong.  She is down for an MRI scan next week. They also checked her neck and spine for possible problems but could not find anything wrong.

She is insured unto £3000 but the tests etc are going to end up a lot more than that, Obviously we don't care as we just want her back to her happy loving self. 

She still has her appetite and is drinking water.

Does anyone know what could possibly be the problem or has anyone had experience with similar symptoms,

Mylie means the world to us all and we just want her fit and well.

Thank you in advance

Ryan, Mylie and the rest of our family

12-10-2016, 03:34 PM,
RE: Many tests, no answers. Help/advice appreciated
I am so sorry your dog is going through this. Sounds like a case of acute pain and/or seizures. Odd how the seizure-like events subsided after being given pain killers. Seizures are usually under control with anti-seizure medication like phenobarbitol and potassium bromate. Spinal/neck issues don't typically show on x-rays, so an MRI or myelogram is the only way to check for issues such as slipped /herniated disks. If you can afford it, a consult with a veterinary neurologist may turn helpful. Record on tape ANY episodes of seizure-like activity and barking and show to the vet. Does the barking/crying happen in certain circumstances? Like when trying to lie down? lowering the head? Try to keep track of that.
12-12-2016, 10:33 AM,
RE: Many tests, no answers. Help/advice appreciated
The previous tests have probably ruled out a metabolic problem, cancer affecting the internal organs, and bacterial-virus meningitis infections. Which leaves a neurological problem in the brain-spine, with the pain , and an underlying cause. Which is in turn is causing epileptic like seizures. The MRI will be a definitive diagnostic to detect the underlying cause. Your Vets are doing a very good job, and you should have an answer with the MRI results. Until then keep puppy calm.

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