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02-12-2017, 08:50 AM,
hello everybody

i have a huge problem with my bulldogs odor.
first some basic information.
he is 6 months old,otherwise happy,healthy,big appetite,very playful and active.however,ever since i got him he smelled the high heavens.now,ive had dogs all my life,and im no stranger to the "dog smell".but this is something different.my last dog (german boxer) definitely had his distinctive smell,and i bathed him maybe 5 times a year.and it was very much tolerable.but with the bulldog its a whole another story.the smell is so pungent that you pet him once for 2 seconds and your hand is gonna smell for 2 hours.i bath him twice a week with a special shampoo but he only stays clean for one day.it takes about 10 hours for him to start stinking again (and to be completely honest,even right after the bath he still smells,albeit not as potently).i soak him,scrub him,leave the shampoo on for a while,rinse him thoroughly and carefully dry him with the towel PLUS go out to dry in the sun.and nothing works.i even soaked him in some yellow herbs powder that supposedly should take care of it but it didnt help (all it did was turn him yellow for a few days).
on top of the smell i noticed a few other things.
1.) he is always wet on his underside (thighs,belly,chest)...all the places where its mostly skin and not a lot of fur
2.)he gets filthy so quick...its like he has a magnet for filth.we dont go out much and even so,he is like pig pen after 2 days without a bath.turns from white to black(its almost a scientific miracle how he manages to attract filth to his body from seemingly out of nowhere).me as well as everybody else is shocked at this.

in his defense we do live in a VERY VERY filthy city and its very warm and tropical here...but i see white street dogs with no owners who havent bathed in EVER walking around the streets and they are not this filthy as he is after two days with no bath(and he barely goes out)

i know we shouldnt bathe dogs too much,so i tried bathing him seldom too in the past (i thought it would somehow help his skin and fur and let nature take its course) but that didnt work either

any idea why he smells so horribly?any idea on how to solve it or at least mitigate it?
(any suggestions welcome,thank you...and feel free to ask for extra information)
02-12-2017, 04:40 PM,
If his skin is wet on his underside, its likely inhabited by pesky yeast which like to make of moist skin their preferred home. On top of that, bulldogs have wrinkly skin and all those wrinkles also collects moisture. Yeast and bacterial cause skin infections and one of the most noticeable symptoms is a bad odor. It's not uncommon in this breed.

Probiotics like Fortiflora can help increase the number of beneficial bacteria so to fight these bad ones. Some owners find that a diet that is lower in yeast and grains helps reduce the smell as well. However, if the yeast has established these preventive steps may not work, and your dog may need medicated shampoo and oral antifungal medications. I would have him checked out by the vet.
02-13-2017, 07:15 AM,
thank you very much (it does have a yeasty smell,now hat i think about it)

i will have him checked,thank you very much
02-14-2017, 09:12 PM,
Good luck! I hope it gets sorted out. Keep us posted on what your vet says.

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