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Worried Mama
03-09-2017, 06:08 PM,
Worried Mama
Sad  Hey everyone I am new to this board but glad I found you all... This mama is scared and worried right now. First let first tell you I have two pups. My oldest is a 13.5 year old brown chihuahua and then there is my big baby he is a 2 year old staff/retriever believe me he looks nothing like a retriever lol .. Well last Tuesday not this pass Tuesday my Bosco (big pup)  went outside to use the potty while I was in the shower my husband sent him out. We have a fence yard. Well my husband forgot him out and he was out about an hour and half maybe which isn't bad but this was around 9:00 pm. My husband went to bed and I stayed up watching HGTV and was getting tired around 12 midnight I heard a noise and looked my Bosco had thrown up ALOT I went to pick it up and notice he had darn sago palm root in it with alot of dirt. Sago Palm is VERY toxic to dogs. So I started to freak cause a few months back we had cut that sucker down and threw it away. There was still some root way down that my husband couldn't get to... Well guess what?? Bosco dug into the ground and got to it. Huge hole.. We rushed him to the ER and looked at the vomit I brought with me and said he did see a seed too (which is even more toxic) They made he throw up more and gave him charcoal and took some blood work. Blood was normal but doc said since it just happen it prolly wouldn't show up yet and they would do more blood work at 12 noon. So we were sent home without our baby  Sad   At noon they was taking too long so we went over to the vet and the doc then said that Bosco liver enzymes just just over 5 which wasn't bad at all and that they were keeping him one more night to make sure how things go and of course more blood work at 12 noon the next day. Well that same night guess the ER doc called and said he took more blood test cause there was something wrong with the other and this time the blood to normal again.. So it went down. We was so happy and the next day the 12 noon was normal too. We took him home with 5 different medicines to take and after a week more blood work. That was today and this time the blood levels went up again and doubled. Bosco seems normal just not eating that much. I really thought he was gonna be out the wood but guessing not. So I am over here praying for my baby. We go back in 2 weeks this time and hope and pray they all normal again. If so they his liver and him will be fine I hope.  Has anyone had this happen??? And what was the outcome??  I am sorry this is long but I have to vent and I am freaking.. I can't lose my baby boy.
03-09-2017, 07:28 PM,
RE: Worried Mama
Hello Danalee,
That must have been quite a scary ordeal and so frustrating to see those numbers down and then up! I haven't had this happen to me, but here is a link of somebody going through something similar. Although it has a sad outcome (one dog didn't make it), it has a lot of information that hopefully can be helpful to you. Is your dog on Denamarin /milk thistle? Any signs of jaundice?

03-09-2017, 09:01 PM,
RE: Worried Mama
Hey Jennifer,
Yes he is on Denamarin, Vit. E, Ursodiol, and Fish Oil. No signs of jaundice. He is doing pretty good and really I thought for sure the test today was gonna come back good but nope.. He isn't eating that good but still likes his treats. Tell you this lil fellow costing us a lot but he is worth it. Thanks for the link. Gonna go check it out!!
03-09-2017, 11:48 PM,
RE: Worried Mama
Hi DanaLee,

I'm very sorry to hear that about your Bosco. It happened to us before when my dog ate something unpleasant from our backyard. We just found out that he has played over the roots and leaves of a particular plant in your backyard. She started throwing up, including the leaves. We were advised to give him activated charcoal to remove the toxins in her body.
Glad to say that it worked well on her.
I guess your dog will just be fine. The doctors would surely do everything to help him get rid of that nasty toxic thing he ingested. Asl long as he's still eating and drinking, everything's going to be alright. Smile
03-10-2017, 01:21 PM,
RE: Worried Mama
I would report to your vet the fact your dog is not eating much. Perhaps your dog needs a stomach protectant in addition to the meds your dog is already taking, ask your vet. I would report to your vet also if you notice any symptoms of liver problems for a month after ingestion. Watch for jaundice, loss of appetite, vomiting, etc. I was reading this article and a vet from VIN website was saying that problems can still occur a month later.

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