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Shepador puppy itching, dry, sagging skin.
05-02-2017, 03:27 PM,
RE: Shepador puppy itching, dry, sagging skin.
Your dog appears to have a bacterial skin infection. Where you will probably need a couple weeks of antibiotics from the Vet to clear it up. You should ask the Vet for the appropriate dose of Benadryl for your dog. Also ask the Vet about prescribing a tube of Panalog salve.

Some common causes would be: Environmental allergen, hyper sensitivity to insect bites, or demodex mites - commonly called "Puppy Mange". A Vet will typically scrape the skin to check for mites. Oral Ivermectin would be prescribed if mites are found.

Food allergies usually cause skin problems in more than one area. It's quite possible your dog came into contact with an environmental allergen, and from there developed a staph infection. Causing continued itching around the muzzle. If it reoccurs after clearing up, and Panalog plus Benadryl doesn't solve the problem, then you would need a referral to a Vet dermatologist. More esoteric causes include the beginning of an auto-immune reaction. If your dog was geriatric instead of a growing puppy, the Vets would test likely test for hypothyroid.

In summary, chances are your dog started with a contact allergy, and progressed to a skin infection. Where short treatment with antibiotics, and something like Panalog plus Benadryl will clear up the problem. If puppy comes into contact with the allergen again, or develops a reaction against flea/insect bites, then Benadryl plus Panalog would likely clear it up, before a skin infection takes a hold.

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