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Shepador puppy itching, dry, sagging skin.
05-05-2017, 03:09 PM,
RE: Shepador puppy itching, dry, sagging skin.
(05-04-2017, 09:42 PM)MmoFanatic Wrote: That's very interesting.

Apparently my puppy got it from the mother since it's hereditary. But I'm not sure what could cause her to have such a weak immune system. I give her premium food and vitamin c from apple treats hehe. Is there anything here anyone could recrommend to boost her immune system?

If puppy has reoccurring bouts of the demodex mites flaring up, then that could indicate a genetic bases for a weak immune system.  However, in a puppy the demodex mites can flare up, if the immune system is busy fighting off an infection, or if puppy undergoes stress, which might suppress its immature immune system.  In which case reoccurring bouts are unlikely, especially after 1 yr of age.

In geriatric dogs having demodex mites flare up, could be a warning sign of an impaired immune system. A forerunner of a cancer or other serious illness to come.

No doubt one can find all kinds of unsubstantiated claims about immune boosters for dogs&humans on the Internet.  The only likely boost are the cash profits for those selling the product.  Feeding a premium dog food is the best boost you can give your dog's immune system.

Note unlike humans, dogs can make Vitamin C in their liver.  Giving Vitamin C pills to a dog could cause diarrhea, or in great excess kidney stones.  But apple treats sound yummy as a puppy reward.
05-12-2017, 12:25 PM,
RE: Shepador puppy itching, dry, sagging skin.
As Dragondawg pointed out there can be various triggers to a lowered immune system. As for some triggers that come to my mind, here are a few: sudden changes of diet, drinking unclean water, vaccinations, use of antibiotics and steroids,exposure to chemicals in the environment, surgery, digestive issues, being boarded in a kennel, travel and any changes in routine (new dog, moving, new baby, construction workers) that can cause stress just to name a few.

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