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Lump inside ear (flap)
06-27-2017, 12:04 AM,
Lump inside ear (flap)
Hi there,

Discovered this on a my best friend's ear tonight.  It's pretty hard but has a bit of squish.  It was bleeding a bit, probably from scratching. For tonight I put some iodine salve on it.  Any idea what it is?

06-27-2017, 09:38 AM,
RE: Lump inside ear (flap)
Assuming it's a small size, most likely an insect bite, which swelled up in an allergic reaction. From there the dog started to scratch at it, and it became infected, with a possible cyst trying to form.

You could try gently pressing on it to see if any puss drainage comes out, and use triple antibiotic salve. Apparently Otomax salve is now sold without the need of a Vet prescription. It would be better than triple antibiotic salve. The reason being is if the wound stings or itches, the dog will continue to scratch, and it will bleed. Otomax has bethamethasone which is an anti-inflammatory, and helps relieve the itch or burning sensation. It also contains gentamycin which is a very potent antibiotic, and an anti-yeast agent clotrimazole. It's a very oily thin salve, and should not be used for longer than 7 days. If one's dog swims a lot, and is prone to ear (yeast) infections, having a tube of Otomax around is handy.

If the lump/infection does not heal in a week, or worse it rapidly increases in size (e.g. cyst enlargement, or other cause) then it's off to the Vet to have it examined.
06-29-2017, 11:39 AM,
RE: Lump inside ear (flap)
Hello, there,
If there was a picture attached it didn't come through. First, make sure the lump is not a tick, ticks are often confused for skin tags or lumps and they typically appear as tan colored almost like a kernel of corn. If you get a magnifying glass, you may see wriggling legs. Ticks are often found under ear flaps. Other differentials include a sebaceous cyst or a lipoma, a superficial infection or some other type of growth (tumor). Only your vet can really tell by examination and possibly fine needle biopsy.

If your dog has been lately shaking and scratching the head, it could be the start of an aural hematoma. In this case, the swelling is caused by a build up of blood inside the ear flap (blood blister) that has formed because a blood vessel has broken and there is no place for the blood to drain out. Dog owners often describe it as as the ear resembling a swollen pillow and feeling squishy to the touch. If this would be the case,it is best dealt with by your vet properly as they do have a tendency to recur.

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