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please help
06-30-2017, 10:17 AM,
Sad  please help
Hello, My dog six months old breed french mastiff. When my dog was 2 months old, he slipped from the marble stairs and got injured in the left leg. Doctor told me that there is a tear in the ligament. So the doctor gave medicines containing GLUCOSAMINE, CHONDROITIN, MSM, EPA AND DHA. After consuming these medicines my dog was able to walk, sit but most of the time during walk, hind foot gets bend downwards. I used  "Joint Health Plus Perna Mussel" but it didn't show any positive result. His upper body is getting heavy and his legs are weak. Kindly suggest me what should I do for his recovery. Thank u.
06-30-2017, 11:45 AM,
RE: please help
Was the the tear in a back leg? Do you know if he has a ruptured ACL ligament? Is he dragging the foot? Has your vet suggested surgery?
If he is dragging the foot and If you pick up the foot, and then place it on the ground upside down, placing the top of his foot down, does your dog immediately fix it and re-position it? Use caution: Do this only if your dog lets you, if your dog doesn't like being handled this way, please avoid, don't want you to get hurt!

If the legs are getting weak, perhaps he is losing muscle tone, you may need to do rehabilitation, you vet can recommend swimming and other forms of exercise that can help build more muscle tone.
06-30-2017, 12:10 PM,
RE: please help
He drags his feet and automatically fixes it. And again while walking he bends it
06-30-2017, 01:40 PM,
RE: please help
Yes his back right leg
06-30-2017, 03:43 PM,
RE: please help
Large dogs with a torn ACL are likely to develop arthritic conditions with bone rubbing bone in the affected joint. Where the abnormal motion can stress or cause problems in the other rear leg.

You should consult with a Vet Surgeon as to when surgery should be performed. Wait till the dog has completed its growth or before? If it's recommended you wait, the Vet Surgeon might suggest a brace while waiting. Especially since the continued increase in weight is already causing leg support problems.
06-30-2017, 10:00 PM,
RE: please help
Automatically fixing it, is a good sign. While smaller dogs can do conservative management for a torn ACL, the larger ones have a harder time. Your pup may need to undergo an ACL repair (a common type of surgery is the TPLO but some veterinary surgeons opt for TTA). These procedures are done by board-specialized veterinary surgeons. It's unfortunate, but most dogs who get a torn ACL will tear the other side about a year later. Keeping your pup as lean as possible can help put less strain on the injured leg.
07-01-2017, 12:17 AM,
RE: please help
Seeing a veterinary surgeon can be helpful at this point. I once had a puppy who fell several stairs and got hurt and my vet thought it was a ligament tear, but then the surgeon diagnosed it as a "tibial avulsion." If I recall well, when we thought it was a knee ligament tear, the vet said we could do a "proximal tibial epiphysiodesis" which is sort of a TPLO but done in a puppy.

With a knee tear, dogs typically will keep their back foot up when walking and the tip of the toe kept down at times. Dragging the foot sounds a bit more complicated. At your pup's age, he may have some growth plates that haven't closed and injuries can cause growth abnormalities. Another possibility is a patellar ligament avulsion. It's very important to have this evaluated so to see exactly what's going on. Did your vet do x-rays?

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