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DOG lump
08-20-2017, 01:23 PM,
DOG lump
GHi, don't know if anyone can help or not. My dog has a small lump on the inside of his armpit with what I can see to be a yellow dot on top. He won't let me touch it at all.. It doesnt get look like a tick and there isn't no head on it. It looks like a spot or scratch point edible cause by a bush that by a bush, and has got infected. Anyone know if this could be the case or should i get it checked?
08-20-2017, 03:36 PM,
RE: DOG lump
It does sound like a cyst like infection. Where the "yellow dot" could be puss under the surface. If it is open or oozing, you could try applying Oragel in an attempt to numb it, and then if your dog allows you to, gently squeeze it for drainage. Treats are a useful distraction. Afterwards apply triple antibiotic salve. Assumed is the small lump is indeed small, and feels like it's full of fluid or spongy, as opposed to firm or hard.

If Fido doesn't cooperate, or the lump has no open surface or way to drain, and especially if the lump increases in size, then it's time to head to the Vet.

The possibilities run from a cyst like infection, to a benign or cancerous growth. Also a metabolic disease such as Cushings can generate nodules, although there would be other symptoms. Only a Vet can diagnose.

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