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help! advice needed
01-03-2014, 01:04 PM,
help! advice needed
hi guys. i have a 5 week old puppy. last two days, we realized that there is worm in his feces, hence the vet gave him a de-worm injection and he has been throwing up and also poop dead worms...

however, he's not willing to eat and we had forced fed him with water and dairy milk (as he doesnt want any dog food) from time to time, but we noticed that he is making groaning noises.. there is no veterinary clinic open at this hour and i'm really worried about his condition.

appreciate any advise on how i could sooth his pain/what can i do before i bring him to the vet tomorrow morning? (thats like 9 hours from now) many thanks
01-03-2014, 07:06 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-03-2014, 07:13 PM by Jennifer.)
RE: help! advice needed
It's normal to poop dead worms when being dewormed and it's a sign it's working. Usually you see them within 24 hours of deworming. Are they long worms that look like spaghetti? If so, most likely he had a lot of roundworms. It looks like some pups get sick as well, vomiting and getting loose stools especially when they had heavy infestations.. Here is what a vet recommended for a case similar to yours:

Being so young I would avoid giving any meds without your vet's permission (just saw he's just 5 weeks, yikes, he should be with his mom and littermates at this age!), best to consult with the vet as a puppy can get dehydrated so quickly! The groiwling makes me think he has abdominal pain.

Just saw now that this is a five week old puppy, yikes! he should be still with his mom and littermates at this age. I would not give any meds without the permission from the vet, a bland diet though as the vet in the link provided outlined may help if he will take it.

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