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Squarmous cell carcinoma
04-26-2018, 05:24 PM,
Squarmous cell carcinoma
Hi everyone, 

My dog has been diagnosed with squarmous cell carcinoma in March, this happened after having some of his teeth removed. I’m not sure weather something went wrong at the vets as he was fine untill the teeth were removed and things progressed quickly, but I guess nothing could ever be proven. 
Again it has progressed quite fast so far, he has the growth in the back of his mouth at the top which is growing upwards into the side of his nose where there is now a lump. I am told by the vet there is nothing they can do but keep him comfortable. 
He does sneeze a lot now and is weazing (it sounds like he has a cold) but he is still eating and going to the toilet as normal.
I’m wondering if anyone has had experience of this type of cancer if you could give me any tips/advice on what was used, any medication or anything that would help? 
I did also read a few articles recently about the use of cbd oil, I know this is not a cure and will not work for everyone but it may slow the progression down so if anyone has used this I would be interested to hear if it has helped. 
04-27-2018, 12:56 AM,
RE: Squarmous cell carcinoma
So sorry about the diagnosis. Has your vet diagnosed this as SCC after taking a tissue biopsy?
04-27-2018, 07:38 AM,
RE: Squarmous cell carcinoma
Hi yes he had X-rays and a tissue biopsy and the vet did confirm as scc unfortunately
04-27-2018, 11:17 PM,
RE: Squarmous cell carcinoma
It is good that a tissue biopsy was done, hopefully the vet sent it out to a pathologist. In some cases, after an extraction, a small piece of a tooth root may be left embedded and this can lead to a deep abscess and secondary swelling which may sometimes look like cancer. Hence, the importance of taking x-rays after extractions, so the vet can assure that nothing was left behind. With a biopsy confirming SCC though unfortunately this excludes the possibility of an abscess. 

It must feel upsetting that this cancer developed right after having some teeth removed. However, it's not unusual at times for certain mouth cancers to cause a dog's gums to rot and cause teeth to become loose. If the cancer is located right where your dog's teeth were removed or nearby, there may be chances that the teeth needed to be removed in the first place because of the cancer already being there. Of course, this is just an assumption.  

It would be important to have x-rays of the chest done to check for cancer spread to the lungs. However, SCC appears to have a low rate for cancer spread to other organs. The problem is though that it is locally invasive. Treatment of choice is surgical removal when feasible. Unfortunately, this may entail invasive surgery that would involve partial or total removal of the jaw where the tumor is located. Consulting with a veterinary oncologist may be insightful. 

I am sorry this is progressing to fast. If this cancer tends to bleed, a supplement known as yunnan baiyou may have some anti-bleeding effects. if there is pain, you can ask your vet for pain/anti inflammatory medications such as meloxicam.  

I have not used CBD oil in dogs with cancer personally, but thought this read may be somewhat helpful on how it may work for SCC:

Hope this helps!

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